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Working Out with First Fit

Variety is the spice of life! You don't just come workout at First1Fit... You workout WITH First1Fit.


Trainer Led Circuits (TLC)

We know that weight and resistance training is a must if we want strong bones, faster weight loss and a nicer shape as the pounds come off. TLC guides you through a series of resistance machines combined with intervals of high intensity cardiovascular bouts to burn calories, strengthen, tone and improve cardiovascular health. These small groups allow you to learn proper technique and get hands on guidance and feedback from an expert trainer. A safe way to get a total body resistance workout! RESULTS TO THE MAX! ..and the TLC your body needs



HIITtrainingF.I.T on the only Synergy360XL in Tampa

(Functional Interval Training)

Feast your eyes on one of the coolest pieces of equipment! Synergy 360 has 8 unique training spaces and endless combinations of creative exercises. Functional strength at its finest.



HIIT Training

​High Intensity Interval Training has proven effective in fat burning, improved strength and endurance. There is no equipment, it is all body weight! These shorter, but more intense classes let you get in- get it done and get on your way! Many of our exercises utilize nothing more than bodyweight for resistance. The exercise moves featured each class will integratw five essential building blocks to deliver optimal results: (1) functional movements (2) strength training (3) high intensity intervals (4) total body focus and (5) highly varied exercises.



GroupClassesGroup Classes

These classes will vary monthly but range from yoga, pilates, Rebounding, Senior Strength and Stretching (S3), Teen Athlete Training, Mommy-and-Me Healthy Start, Prenatal Fitness, FitMom Boot Camp and the list goes on. 


Check schedule weekly for updates. 


Special Event Classes will also be announced - like our Roof Top Workout Under the Stars event



90DaytoThrival90 Days to Thrival 

This is a very diverse set of classes to keep your body guessing, growing, changing and recovering. This training regimen is for those enrolled in the 90 Days to Thrival Nutrition Challenge. Utlizing Holistic Nutrition, Food tracking, nutritional supplementation, goal setting, lifestyle education and group accountability. Each time you show up to your groups workout you can expect something NEW! The excitement comes from "what's next?"A new group begins every 30 days. Created by Holistic Nutrition Coach and Trainer, Briana Michel. This is her secret to getting her clients lean for TV! Are you next?


Visit mythrival.com to purchase your 90 Days to Thrival Starter Kit. 


Appropriate for all fitness levels. Additional fees may apply.